Hire Rates

Current hall hire rates

One-off rentals (e.g. meetings) $25/hour

Access to the hall is currently available from 11am on Saturdays, and from 2pm on Sundays, but we ask that you finish by 6pm on the Sunday.

The hall is expected to be left as you find it, otherwise we may charge you for any cleaning costs incurred. We often find that a quick tidy up at the end of your session is sufficient, so please just factor that last minute tidy up into your rental time period.

Social Gatherings
Access is from 3.30pm on some Fridays out of school terms, or 11am on any Saturday, to midnight. If you were looking for a timing outside of these hours, we are limited, as we have regulars booked in on Saturday mornings at 9am.

Basic fee of $300
Bond of $300
$125 compulsory cleaning fee

Wedding receptions (generally only Saturdays)
Basic fee of $350
Bond of $350
$125 compulsory cleaning fee

21st Birthday Parties
Basic fee of $350
Bond of $400
$200 compulsory cleaning fee

There are a few extra conditions for 21st Birthday gatherings, as we have found the wear and tear on the centre has been, unfortunately, quite large on previous occasions. It is a requirement of your rental that there must be a responsible parent there at all times. If any damages to the hall are more than the bond, we will also pursue the full costs of any repairs needed.

Our compulsory cleaning fee is to wash and polish the floor, clean the kitchen, bathrooms etc. We would expect you to leave the hall in a tidy manner for our cleaner just to clean. All rubbish needs to be taken away with you. The cleaner is usually in early the following morning to allow our next tenants in at 9am (if a Friday) or early on Sunday to clean promptly, so we do ask that you leave it in a tidy manner the night before. If there are a few items left to be picked up the following morning (e.g. Juke box hire) that is usually ok as long as our cleaner can work around it.

Children’s Parties (primary school and below)

This is a new type of booking we are accepting, but as they don’t fit into our social hire pricing (generally people want the hall for fewer hours), we charge $25 per hour, with an extra $25 on top. We would also need a bond of $150.  If the inspection by our cleaner afterwards warrants a full clean, the bond will not be refunded.  We will also pursue the full costs of any repairs needed.

Regular Classes

If you are interested in holding a regular class at our hall, please contact us, and check the hall’s availability for time slots.  Please note some of our existing classes run in a term time format, others run throughout the whole year.

Terms for all social bookings

A booking is not confirmed until we have received the rental sum into our bank account. On the day of the hire, when we hand over the key, we would expect to receive ‘in cash’ the bond, plus in cash the cleaning fee. Alternatively you can deposit the money into our account but this must arrive a couple of days before the hire date. Once our commercial cleaner has been through after your event, and is happy with all things in the hall, the bond will be returned to you as soon as possible. Although if there are any breakages we would welcome being told about them as soon as practicable.

When a committee representative meets you on the day, you will also need to give them a four digit code which will be put into the lock box, so that at the end of the night you can leave the centre key in it.  (We have found it easier to ask you for the code, as it is then easier for you to remember it at midnight!)

Whilst you are using the Huntsbury Community Centre you are responsible for:

  • Opening up and locking the hall/ lock boxes for keys.
  • Ensure lights, taps, heaters and power sources are turned off after use.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are secure when leaving.
  • Providing any linen required, including tea towels and any hand towels for the bathroom. (There are hand driers in the bathrooms.)
  • Use the facilities responsibly and leave in a tidy condition.
  • Furniture must be put back in original position and clean, before leaving.
  • Please leave the kitchen / bar area in the condition you found it.
  • Remove all rubbish from the premises.
  • Ensure no smoking inside the hall or its land boundary.
  • The hall is a designated ‘smoke-free zone’.
  • Please no candles or naked flames.
  • If playing loud music, please do NOT have the back door or west windows of the hall open, as we have had complaints from neighbours – we find the north facing windows and front door open work well if you need to get airflow through without noise leakage.
  • Keys to be left in the downhill side lock box attached to the centre, immediately after you leave the venue.
  • Please make sure your noise is not excessive. You need to be quieter after 10pm, and totally silent by midnight, You are expected to be either out by midnight, or quietly tidying up at that time, and not being of any disturbance to the surrounding houses.  The regulations state that the noise at the boundary of the property need to not exceed 50dbs before 10pm and not exceed 40dbs from then to midnight.  Although we currently have no method of measuring this, we are giving you the standards expected, and be aware that noise control officers have been round previously to check when complaints have been received. So please be thoughtful with the volume of the DJ or if a band, please ask them not to turn up their amps excessively loud.  (It’s a 15m by 7m hall, it’s not a vast barn!)

We would appreciate it if you:

  • When moving furniture, could please lift tables and chairs, rather than drag them across the floor.
  • Want to put things up on the wall, could you use the pinboard area for anything fixed to the walls and please do not put pins in the wooden panelling.
  • Leave the coloured lights in place, even if you are not using them.
  • Ensure your activity isn’t disruptive to neighbours.
  • Could inform us as soon as possible if you cause or notice any damage to the hall or its furnishings. We appreciate the feedback so we can address any issues as soon as practically possible.

Huntsbury Community Centre will endeavour to:

  • Keep the hall in a clean and tidy state for your use.
  • Undertake any maintenance as promptly as possible and wherever possible outside rented hours.  However in the case of emergency work we may have to get work done immediately. We will be as accommodating as we can.
  • If, due to circumstances beyond our control, the property becomes unavailable or unfit for use we will notify you as soon as possible and refund your money in full. We are not liable for any other incurred costs.

If you would like to make an arrangement different from above please discuss this with us, with plenty of notice. Parking is available beside the road for approx 18 cars, alongside the the centre, and 10 parked carparks uphill of the centre, and there is a bus stop opposite the centre on bus route number 17.

If you have any more questions or would like to make an appointment to view the hall please contact us, and we can arrange a time to have a look outside of our regular users bookings, so you can get a feel for the venue, if you have not been in the centre before.

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